24 Carati

A Surprising discovery

24-carat gold is unquestionably the most valuable. It is what you give as a gift or buy at an important moment, to celebrate a goal, to keep a beautiful and strong emotion alive. Our 24 Carati wine is preciousness and excellence. The grapes come only from those vineyards that can boast the best exposure and from carefully selected bunches, whose grapes are harvested at the perfect degree of ripeness, by careful, expert and delicate hands.
It is a wine designed to aim for perfection.

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Migliori Vini Italiani – Luca Maroni

Mondus Vini Gold
Migliori Vini Italiani – Luca Maroni

Italian red wine

Ancient vineyards, in Ancarano hills, trained in guyot rows

Vineyard soils have various morphological characteristics, they are characterised by calcareous areas, rich in marl and clay; they are located at an altitude of 294 metres above sea level, West/South-West orientation.

5000 plants/Ha

Grapes are harvested strictly by hand and then selected on a sorting table. Very soft pressing and destemming of the grapes, followed by fermentation in stainless steel at a monitored temperature of around 24° – 26°C (no external lees). Frequent pumping over of the must and délestages.

Part of the wine is placed in Tonneau of fine American wood for a period of 12 months, and then bottled for a further short period of maturing in glass before being released for sale.

Intense ruby red colour, full and elegant, wide and rich bouquet, fruity, with hints of plums, cherries and notes of tobacco, vanilla, slightly spicy. A full-bodied wine, soft and rich in noble tannins.

Matching and Service recommendations

The 24 Carati is a precious wine, capable of offering absolutely unique tasting sensations, especially when paired with dishes with a marked savouriness, compensated and enhanced by the softness of the glass.

Similarly, it goes very well with dishes that are predominantly succulent, which need to be accompanied by wines characterised by a slight astringency, typical of great reds, and of the 24 Carati itself, obtained from vines characterised by marked tannicity.

To allow it to best release its scents, aromas and tasting notes to the full, it should be served at a temperature of between 18° and 20°.