A winery with two faces: tradition and innovation

The choice of the Antoninis to create a winery is part of a family tradition that has recognized enormous value in the land and in its origins: the whole path, which unfolds over four generations, tells of how passion and tenacity can ultimately lead to the realization of a small, big dream.

But the cellar and the wines of Tenuta Antonini also tell us something more: that if the roots must be firmly established in the territory and in its history, the gaze can instead turn towards the future.

The production philosophy that informs the wines of Tenuta Antonini sees the new technologies as a completion of the work done in the vineyard, capable of contributing to the aging process and making the fruit of the earth even more sublime, enhancing its most distinctive aspects.

The wines of Tenuta Antonini are modern, pleasant, ready to drink, appreciated both by Italian wine lovers and by the foreign market: they are ambassadors of a territory that wants to be discovered and known, well beyond its borders.

Tradition and innovation also coexist in the architectural choices linked to the Antonini Estate.
Immersed in the vineyards and embraced by the gentle slopes of the Teramo hills, the winery is a complex with modern features, with large spaces equipped with the greatest comforts  to offer its guests an immersive and unforgettable tasting experience.
The terrace on the top floor is wonderful, offering a view as far as the eye can see on the panorama of the vineyards and the mountain profiles around the cellar.

Philosophy in the glass

Philosophy in the glass

The wines of Tenuta Antonini are transversal and democratic. Two terms that are perhaps not usual when approached to the world of viticulture, but which perfectly represent the enological choice made in the vineyard and in the cellar.

The idea is to give every sip a wine that is easily appreciated, not designed only for connoisseurs, but capable, yes, of surprising them.

Balance is the key word, with a skilful communication work between agronomist and oenologist, in order to make Nature and the hand of man perfectly coexist, respect for the territory with innovative and sophisticated techniques, the unmistakable character of native vines with the need to soften the harsher features.

These are the wines of Tenuta Antonini: all to be discovered!











24 Carati


24 Carati bianco



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