Tenuta Antonini 100% Abruzzo Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Teramo hills’ territory is particularly suitable not only for wine production, but also for the cultivation of olives. Tenuta Antonini’s 100% Abruzzo Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced following the most ancient traditional processing methods and respecting the times and natural properties.

Leccino Frantoio Carboncella

Early first-second decade of October, beginning of veraison

Company olive groves located on the hills in the Ancarano / Sant’Egidio alla Vibrata area

Polyconic vase

Manual stripping in perforated boxes

Max 8-hours

Two cold phases followed by filtration

Stainless steel containers at a controlled temperature

0.50 lt bottle

The timely harvest, the rapidity in pressing, combined with the vocation of the territory give the oil a balanced taste, overall harmonious: green in color, rich in polyphenols, low acidity, with a light herbaceous fruity, with hints of green almond and artichoke, measuredly bitter and spicy.

It is suitable for seasoning a grilled beef fillet, excellent on roasts and red meats, on legume soups, on bruschetta, a drizzle of oil enhances the flavor of cooked and raw vegetables.

How to taste it best

Not everyone knows this, but extra virgin olive oil must also be tasted to fully appreciate its quality.

Our advice is to pour Tenuta Antonini’s 100% Abruzzo Extra Virgin Olive Oil into a plastic coffee cup, cover it with the palm of your hand and let it swirl slowly for a few seconds: in this way the oil will heat up slightly. and you will be able to fully enjoy its intense and persistent perfume, which will immediately confirm the value of a made in Italy and handcrafted product.

Toasted bread with oil is part of the Italian and Abruzzo culture in particular, but it is also perfect for embellishing, strictly raw, grilled or roasted meats and vegetable or legume soups.

The optimal temperature for storing Extra Virgin Olive Oil is between 12° and 18°; it must also be kept away from heat sources and away from constant light.