Unfiltered Tenuta Antonini Oil, all the authenticity of Abruzzo olives

Oil is a product that is part of the Italian culture. We are lovers and tasters of it. We recognise its quality at the nose, even before tasting it. At Tenuta Antonini we have a weakness for what is genuine and natural and that is why we have decided to propose this Unfiltered Oil.
Full-bodied, dense, rich in scents, with a full and inebriating taste, it is produced from 100% Abruzzo olives that are not subjected to the last step of filtration, thus obtaining a result that is rawer to the eye, but enormously more satisfying to the palate.

Leccino, Frantoio, Carboncella

Early first-second decade of October, beginning of veraison

Company olive groves located on the hills in the Ancarano / Sant’Egidio alla Vibrata area

Polyconic vase

Manual stripping in perforated boxes

Max 8-hours


Stainless steel containers at a controlled temperature

0.50 lt bottle

The timely harvest, the rapidity in pressing, combined with the vocation of the territory give the oil a balanced taste, overall harmonious: green in color, rich in polyphenols, low acidity, with a light herbaceous fruity, with hints of green almond and artichoke, measuredly bitter and spicy

It is suitable for seasoning a grilled beef fillet, excellent on roasts and red meats, on legume soups, on bruschetta, a drizzle of oil enhances the flavor of cooked and raw vegetables

How to taste it best

Unfiltered oil is easy to recognise at first glance, but even more when you taste it.

It should be poured into a small glass and warmed slightly by placing it on the palm of your hand and swirling it slowly, while closing the glass with your free hand to prevent the aroma from being dispersed.
The perfume can now be released and you can appreciate the notes that distinguish it.
The last step is the tasting, a small sip, to allow the taste buds to come into contact with its body, its characteristic density and its full, rounded flavour.

The best temperature for storing Unfiltered Oil is between 12° and 18°; it should also be kept away from heat sources and protected from constant light.